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This is the web log of someone who is usually known as Kevin W. At the moment, I'm interested in Opera, CSS, browsers and web standards in roughly that order, so that's what you'll find here.


OK, as I said, I'm moving onto a new domain. From now on, this site will be located at electrichoistmanufacturer.com, and the old location will stop receiving updates; so please update your bookmarks and links! I will also be changing ISPs soon, so the old location will be not only frozen, but nonexistant in a few weeks! (If you end up at that stage where you can't find me, there's a link to this place at Opera7Wiki.)

For future reference, the old location of the page (which you are probably at when you read this) is http://trats.ozforces.com.au/


Been AFK for the past week. Tim Luoma has finished his Opera 7 Lover series with Day 31. The series wasn't as good as the original, IMHO, ended up being quite dry, just shallowly touching on a few areas; but now I feel guilty for critisising the man when I should be congratulating him on doing a job that noone else has done, and with such little spare time in his hands.


I've got some news: earlier this year, I won a web hosting package for a year in a local competition! I'll soon be moving this site to the new domain, which includes stuff that free ISP space just doesn't give you - which means a few goodies like the possibility of using real blogging software, rather than handrolling.

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Just an entry to break up the usual posts: check out the Early Office Museum of Paper Clips! The design of the paper clip actually has quite an interesting evolutionary history.


Rijk van Geijtenbeek has probably one of the best single resources on Customizing Opera on the web. You might have come across Hugin and Munin, the guide to completely separating the browser and mail components of Opera (it's good enough for me!). Recently, he has continued on the theme of complete setup packages with KISS: "Set up Opera for girlfriends and parents". Here's the blurb:

Everyday millions of people browse the web with Opera. But sometimes their better halves or their parents haven't seen the light yet. Are you one of those those who haven't convinced their girlfriend? Or do you want to install Opera on your parents machine to make the web saver for them, but you are afraid they will be confused by all those options you dearly love yourself? Then maybe this page will help!

Just install it, then teach 'em to click the "O" instead of the "E". Simple!


Opera 7.23 is out with an OpenSSL patch. See the changelog.

Big oops!

7.23 should have been announced, but instead it now has been pulled. The URL above will show the friendly 404 guy right now. Opera 7.23 will probably reappear really soon, it contains a security fix related to downloading skins again. The build available until shortly before now, didn't contain Google rads. We can't have that, of course! ;)

I guess the build master used the wrong recipe, the latest build made in this work branch (3222) was 7.22 for the Japanese market, without Google rads...

(from Rijk's post on the opera.general newsgroup, and this doesn't affect registered users.)

And now it's up for real.